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Is Blowing Traditional SIEMs Out Of The Water — For Half The Cost.


SIEM ingestion costs are astronomical.

If you’re a mid-sized business, you might be paying 6 figures for a SIEM. If you’re a large enterprise, that shoots up to 7 figures or more.

What’s behind these high costs? Data ingestion. For SIEMs to work their magic, they have to index log data and store it in databases. That takes licenses fees, storage costs, and staffing. And as the customer, you pay the bill.

And that’s just the beginning.

Once a SIEM is live, you have to constantly maintain it. Usually, an already-overworked internal IT team has to sift through dozens or hundreds of events to look for danger.

True danger signals can look indistinguishable from non-threats. Alert fatigue sets in. And over time, even the best IT staff just assume most of what they see is harmless.

Traditional SIEM’s do little to filter out noise.

But what if you could automatically filter out most non-threats?

This would help you:

Detect actual threats more reliably, because your IT team will take anything that passes through the filter more seriously.

Free up your IT staff’s time and energy to fix other parts of your business.

Save you countless time and money.

The problem is, systems that can do this take 6 to 12 months to train — leaving you exposed in the meantime.

Enter Omega Monitor.

Omega Monitor Enterprise delivers Mixmode’s true 3rd generation AI. Fully vetted by DARPA and the DoD, this AI is disrupting the traditional SIEM market. Instead of taking 6-24 months to train, this context-aware AI gets fully up to speed within 7 days.

Monitor's AI analyzes source data packets instead of logs.

Omega Monitor Enterprise cuts out the steps traditional SIEMs take that lose departments' dollars.

The end result is much faster training times, protection from cyber attacks, and a 90%+ reduction in false positives — which saves your team a lot of time, headache, and stress (and not to mention, money).

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"Everyone at Omega is awesome to work with from the bottom up. Their team is extremely knowledgeable, very professional, and nice. They are true experts in data security."

– Brad Buckmaster, OR

How Monitor Works.

From the moment you plug in, Monitor begins mirroring all of the traffic flowing through your network. It gets a snapshot of your network data and devices.

Then, Monitor starts detecting threats. Mixmode AI begins analyzing source data to nip threats in the bud and filter out noise.

To fulfill compliance requirements and harden your existing assets, Monitor does periodic vulnerability scans, which alert you to existing vulnerabilities with the largest, most up-to-date database in the world.

It also serves as a VPN “bridge” for all the devices it supports. So, instead of losing time troubleshooting multiple VPN connections during an internal vulnerability scan, your team has a single, reliable connection.

Monitor makes report generation for compliance and the c-suite a breeze. Even the most stringent auditor will be impressed, getting you one step closer to "pass". And, your company will be secure against new and existing cyber threats.

100% US-Based 24x7 Security Teams

There are too many cyber threats today, and you can’t handle them with automation alone. So whenever issues arise, we’ve got your back. Whether you need full Security Operations Center (SOC), Network Operations Center (NOC), or some combination of the two, we've got you covered. Contact our team of security experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with (over) 99% of tickets being answered in under 2 minutes.

Network-Level Threat Hunting Team

Businesses fail to detect the early signs of cyberattack. It takes the average enterprise over 6 months to detect a compromise.

At the beginning of an attack, hackers operate stealthfully to avoid detection. Network-level threat hunting puts a spotlight on these hackers operating in the dark. Our threat hunting teams scour your networks 24x7 to terminate attacks before they spread.


Concerned about compliance? Monitor has you covered. Whether you fall under HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, or other frameworks, Monitor makes compliance easy. Monitor centralizes, cleanses, and organizes data from disparate systems. And Instead of having to manually sift through XML files during an audit, you can easily search through all records from the Omega dashboard.

Support at The Edge

Advancements in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Operational Technology has automated lots of manual work, but has also produced even larger volumes of data. Monitor acts as an edge device to support systems at the fringes of your network.

Milliseconds count when executing workflows. Monitor is programmed to help devices at the fringe make decisions -- fast. Monitor replaces lagging connections to the cloud with an instant edge connection. Workflows are executed with speed and precision. And with Monitor deployed, devices keep working even if connectivity drops.

Omega Recover

When disaster strikes, every second counts. Omega Recover is an optional add-on to Monitor that restores your critical systems within seconds or minutes of a catastrophic event.

If you choose to add Recover, a local backup and recovery device will be included in Monitor's kit. Also, multiple copies of data will be backed up in the cloud, and a 24x7 disaster response team will be standing by to help you in your time of need.

Diagnose outages from your desk

Outages disrupt the flow of your business. It can take hours for a technician to drive out to resolve an issue. And site visits are costly. Thankfully, Monitor can make outages a lot less painful.

In the event of an outage, Monitor uses built-in redundancies in power and connectivity to keep running. If your internet connection fails, Monitor's Enterprise-Grade Cellular backup goes live, connecting to the strongest cellular signal out of 600 in its location. That way, you’re covered, even if the worst happens.

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